This week during meditation, we will practice accepting and celebrating our amazing bodies. We have a tendency of being critical of how we look, often resenting our bodies. This is especially true of age spots and weight problems. For some of us it may even be coming to terms with our physical disabilities. Our attitudes not only affect our mental well-being, but they actually interfere with our ability to look and feel our best. The key is to accept our body and love it just the way it is while focusing on making changes to live better and healthier lives. If we maintain a positive view towards our bodies, that will free our Higher Self to get to work on restoring health and well-being.

I suggest the following:

• For the first five minutes, continue to make sure you are in a state of complete relaxation and grounded to Mother Earth.

• As you meditate for the next ten minutes, try to focus your full attention on the different parts of your amazing body. Once you have sensed the Earth energy entering one part of your body, stay in that moment until you become fully aware of the positive feelings associated with this presence. Spend about a minute enjoying this sensation and then move on to the next part.

• Start with your feet. As you focus your attention and your energies on your feet, try to create a space inside each foot and feel it expand and connect with the earth. You may notice your strength and balance as your feet carry your full weight. You may wish to sway and feel the Earth energy flow into your body and expand through your feet.

• Now move up your legs and into your knees and repeat the process. Try to create that space within your knees and feel the expansion as energy flows from the Earth and into your knees. You may wish to do a few deep knee bends or yoga activities and note how your knees shift to keep your balance and support your weight.

• Move to the pelvic space between your hips and feel the Earth energy flow into that space and expand. This is your core. It is the center of your physical strength. While you are there, on an exhale, breath into the space in your lower back. Feel it release its energy to your hips and core. As your hips now carry your whole weight, let this sensation flow down through your legs and feet, further grounding you to the Earth.

• Move up to the gut. The gut is controlled by the vagus nerve which is your inner nerve center. It interacts with the brain to oversee every organ in your body. The gut is your physical life force. Allow the energy from the Earth and the physical energy from your core to flow into the space occupied by your gut. Feel it expand.

• Move up to the chest. This is the center of your relationship to the life energy from your environment that comes to you in the form of oxygen and other life energy forces. Try to feel this life energy flow into your lungs and expand with each breath you inhale, and then feel it flow into the rest your body with each exhale.

• Focus on the beating of your heart. Try to pick up the rhythm as you breathe in and out. You may wish to fold your hands over that space occupied by your heart. This is your source of love energy. Visualize and feel the heart’s power combining with the Earth energy and your physical life force and then let it flow with each heartbeat into all parts of your body.

• Unfold our hands and extend them in a receiving position. Visualize the flow of love energy from your heart moving through your arms and down to your wrists and hands. Try to feel the spaces in your hands expand. Now reach out and touch things and feel the love energy flow from your heart, through your hands, and into the world around you.

• Trace the energy flowing from your heart, through your neck and into your brain. You may wish to put your fingers on your jugular and feel this energy flow into and combine with the energy from your mind. Now create a space between your eyes and allow all your energies to flow into this space and expand.

• Try to visualize and feel the energy aura that surrounds and protects your being. Focus on it until you perceive a vibrant flow of energy. Note the power and color of your aura.

• Slowly come down through each part of our body again and allow your heart to say, “I love you” to each part of your amazing body.

Day one – body meditation
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