One way to be aware of the needs of our body is through the chakras. Whether or not we believe they are actual spiritual energy centers does not really matter (although the stronger our belief the more effective the exercise). The visualization process is what really makes the difference. So yes, visualization and creative imagination do work. When we use creative imagination, our brain and body experience the imagined events as though they are real. This leaves an imprint which when attached to emotion can be added to our memories and mind states and eventually into our belief systems. Therefore, visualizing the chakras provides a platform for our bodies, our subconscious minds, and our souls to talk to us. It provides a platform for the brain and body to engage in the process of changing and healing.

The seven chakras are located along the central axis of the body. They represent our seven major energy centers. These centers correlate to the major nerve ganglia branching out from our brain and spine, thus linking our energy centers with our nervous system. Each chakra has a color reflecting a particular wave of energy. They have a round compact shape and size. They vibrate with a specific intensity and spin with a steady speed and rhythm. Each chakra is believed to be connected to body, mind, or soul functions. In this exercise we will concentrate on the the first body chakras.

The Root Chakra

Today we will look at the Root Chakra. This red chakra is located at the base of the spine. Often referred to as the grounding chakra, it keeps us aware of our physical nature and our general body heath. This chakra is an archetype for family. It forms our identity and gives us a sense of grounding to a group to live together, learn together, and create together. It is our foundation of emotional and mental health. It helps us deal with our primal fears of survival and abandonment. It orients us in time and space to our seven senses. It grounds us in the sacred truth that we are connected to all of life.

Red is a symbol of physical life; it anchors or grounds us to Mother Earth and symbolizes our drive to survive. A weak or dull red may indicate physical problems with blood pressure, pulse rate, lack of energy, and low physical temperature. Psychologically, there may be problems with our appreciation of life or we may suffer from a sense of insecurity. We may have difficulty staying grounded.

I suggest the following:

• Enter a contemplative state of relaxation, thus relaxing your mind so that your Higher Self can take control of your brain.
• Visualize the root chakra. It should have a brilliant deep red color full of vibrating intensity and a compact round shape. It is located in the center line just above the genitals. It has a strong and steady spin: too fast may signify anxiety and too slow may signify a lack of life energy.
• Note its general state of well-being. If all is well, spend a few minutes thanking your body for maintaining your connection to Mother Earth and for your body’s general state of health.
• If the chakra lacks color, as you breathe in, you can visualize the color of the energy coming from nature and entering your body through your breathing. If you focus on something in nature such as a red rose, you will be creating a high energy imprint in the visual processing center of your brain. If you are unable to access nature, you can use your powers of creative imagination which will create the same effect from memory but it will lack the intense energy of a real-life experience. Focus this energy on the chakra until the color is restored.
• If it lacks intensity, is out of position or shape, or has a slow or rapid spin, you can visualize your spiritual hands reshaping and restoring it.
• If the chakra refuses your efforts, you can call upon your body to reveal to your Higher Self the nature of the impairment. While usually suggestive of a physical problem, there may be psychological problems with your sense of security, stability, or safety.
• If it is a physical problem, you can visualize the Higher Self-healing the body through life energy flowing into the damaged area. If it is a psychological problem ask the Higher Self for a cognitive path through your mind for self-healing.