The Grounding Virtues: The Path to Self-Actualization

by Lawrence JW Cooper
Our journey towards self-actualization can be compared to Michelangelo’ work on the David. We all start off as a raw slab of pure white marble. During this forty day period, we will be chiseling away parts of the stone that are keeping us from being the beautiful and powerful person we want to be. The first steps will be to chop off the big chunks with powerful strokes of the hammer. This is what we will be doing during our grounding exercises. We can use this workbook to chart our daily progress through the grounding process. This involves five weeks or just over one month of concentrated growth. When we add a few days here and there, it creates a forty day period, our forty days in the wilderness. Remember, conscious living is a lifetime process that involves establishing lifetime practices. Each activity requires roughly thirty days to create a permanent pattern.