In time this love transports you to another world. You are now falling in love. You know that by bonding with this person you may lose some of your freedom and individuality but you are willing to give that up because you see something so much more satisfying – the union of your two bodies, two minds, two hearts, and two souls.

Love Chemistry

I remember the day it started,
this never ending passion,
locked into my memory
by a thousand beats of my heart,
by a million rapid firing synapses,
an explosion of
“Oh my God”
“Could this really be
happening to me”.

And it was, and it still is
each day I live and breathe near you.
You are not only a fire in my body,
you are an explosion in my mind
destroying all my doubts
that you are real
that life is real,
that love is real,

I am finally aware that I am lovable
because you love me.
My soul has sensed a love
from deep inside your soul
and whispers to my heart,
“Don’t let her go.
This is real”.