I had the honor and privilege of attending a wedding for a young couple from the Twelve Tribes Community. These are the people who own and operate the Yellow Deli (formerly Common Ground Restaurant) and the New Sprout Farm located near Merville. This is a community of families that share time, possessions, space, and a evident bundle of love. It was a beautiful day, with a feast of snacks and an excellent dinner, long ceremonies, and  dancing, ending with sending the young couple off to their wedding retreat, a handsomely decorated cottage in the woods. I wrote the following poem and presented it at the wedding feast:


A Touch of Love

Love unites us with each other,
And with the giver of life,
And the author of love.

We become one first in heart.
As our bodies begin to blend,
A divine chemistry is created
By the all-knowing,
To bind us to each other in body,
So that through our union
Others may be conceived and born.

We become one in mind.
We set goals,
Combining each other’s hopes and dreams,
To form one mind, one purpose,
So that the ones we bear can be raised
With the unity of two minds with one mind.

And we become one in spirit.
Our souls begin to resonate with one vibration,
Growing with the love we give each other,
An ever expanding burst of divine love energy,
That enfolds the children we bear,
Forming a cocoon of love for them,
A safe place to grow into the people they will be,
So they too can enter into the world of spirit-filled people,
Who create and give to each other the touch of love.