(I am grateful and honoured to live work and play in the water, on the land, and through the forests that are the unceded traditional territory of the K’omoks, Eiksan and Pentlatch people.)

Travelling with Covid

Ahh Covid, are you friend or foe?
Have you deprived me
of those things that were saving me?
Or have you walked with me into the unknown
so we could treasure the mysteries
of having loved and lost?

You have forced me to leave behind
those roads most travelled
where pilgrims lose themselves
in the crowd who search for an alternate reality,
sights seen by millions of others,
someone else’s home,
someone else’s country,

I have lost interest in reading
someone else’s story,
living someone else’s life.
I have left the pilgrimage road behind
and parted from fellow seekers
who strive to live in the past or the future
and ignore the joys of the present.

Ahh my dear friend
we have journeyed to a place more mysterious.
We have retraced the old forgotten paths
bringing light and softness
into those harsh dark caves
where the sun never shines.
We have explored the shadowy corners
where secrets lie.
We have faced the beasts that lie in wait
to devour those who wander in.
We have discovered the power
to calm our emotions.
We have uncovered the power
to tame the beast within.

We have travelled together my dear friend
to places where dreams are lost and reborn.
We have gone sincerely into our inner selves
experiencing the memories
as if they are happening again in the now,
but this time warmer, sweeter,
feeling hugs that were never felt,
sensing kisses that were never given.

So come my friend
let us leave the artificial world behind
and take our new friends with us,
those who have chosen to stay with us
through this dificult time.
Let’s embrace this new world together
where there is no need to escape reality
because reality is where we want to be.