Please note: this is repeat from a previous newsletter. I have decided to make the contents of my book, The Grounding Virtues, available to readers. The complete package is available as a workbook that can be purchased on Amazon.

Activity 1: Grounding Meditation

To live our lives within our Higher Self requires time to open up the channels of communication among our body, mind, heart, and soul and then with all the life forces around us. We do this through meditation. We start off our meditation with whatever time we are comfortable and try to expand it to a fifteen minute exercise. By extending our meditation to a full fifteen minute period, we create a continuous state of altered consciousness. It takes us out of the working stage of the mind so that the brain can restore the depleted neurotransmitters and energy supplies and clean out all the residue of past active thought. It also allows our body to clear up hormonal activity, restore our body to homeostasis, and rebuild our immune system. In a sense, we will be grounding, or putting on hold, our mind so our brain can focus on its own physical needs and the needs of our bodies. This meditation will also help us focus on staying grounded spiritually. If we can learn to live grounded in these wonderful bodies, we will begin to experience the full power of the sensations, vibrations, and sources of energy coming from the world in which we live.

After each meditation, we will take time to record our thoughts about the activity and our internal responses. The paradigm shift will be added as a weekly check to see if our thought and meditation patterns are beginning to change. Because we want our meditation to evolve into a life-time practice, we will put this activity on for the full five weeks with a different emphasis for each week.

After we complete this course, we may wish to return from time to time to the following exercise to insure that we stay grounded to this beautiful Earth through our amazing bodies.


I suggest the following:

  • You can divide the meditation into three five minute sections. I suggest using a timer with a soft sound to signal each segment. I recommend that you do not use any other gadgets or devices. No music, just stay tuned to your body’s natural sensations, feelings, and rhythms.
  • If possible and appropriate, I also recommend that you do this outdoors in a standing position with your feet firmly planted on the Earth so you can feel your full body weight connecting to the Earth through your feet. Bare feet on grass or sand adds to the feelings of being grounded. The more sensations and feelings that you add to this exercise, the greater the overall effect.
  • During the first five minutes, you can enter a state of meditation by just breathing and relaxing. I like to employ the following physical and visual technique. Begin by extending your hands down towards your feet, and then moving them together and up towards your forehead, while inhaling in one deep prolonged breath. As your hands slowly move up to your head, your elbows will extend outward thus opening the diaphragm so that your lungs fill with air.
  • You can then touch your forehead with your thumbs, turn your hands over while still together, and push down towards your feet, while exhaling in one deep prolonged breath. This will squeeze the diaphragm thus emptying the lungs.
  • At first, the movements may be short and crisp, but with each movement you can slow the action down while taking deeper and longer breaths. In the final stages, try to extend this process to six to eight seconds in one deep breath to move the energy up to your head and then six to eight seconds in one deep breath to move the old energy out of your mind and body. This will take your mind and body out of any anxiety and deeply into a parasympathetic state.
  • While you continue this breathing exercise, try to visualize the movement of pure low-vibrational energy coming up from the Earth, up through your body to your forehead, and then the high vibrational mind energy moving down to and into the Earth, thus grounding it.
  • During the second five minute stage of the meditation, you can concentrate on creating and solidifying your connection to Mother Earth. Let your breathing slowly return to its normal easy rhythm. As you inhale, you can visualize receiving from the Earth, and as you exhale you give back to the Earth.
  • If you still do not feel grounded, you can visualize your feet sinking into the earth until you are rooted like a tree or whatever grounding image you choose to use. If you are being distracted by thoughts from the mind, you may wish to use a grounding mantra. I suggest the more rhythmical French translation for “I am the Earth; the Earth is me” which becomes “Je suis La Terre, La Terre c’est moi”. I suggest using it just to silence distraction rather than as a steady mantra.
  • During the third five minute section, you can focus on your body’s physical and spiritual connection with Mother Earth. You may wish to shift your feet or sway back and forth connecting and reconnecting your life energy through your feet and into the Earth, until you feel like you are anchored to the core of the Earth itself. Swaying back and forth, or some other natural rhythm, allows you to resonate and experience the vibrational and rhythmical energy patterns of the Earth as it flows through and with your body. You may experience that you are a part of this dynamic life energy. You may experience a feeling of peace, power, and well-being.
  • At the end of the meditation session, take a few minutes to record your thoughts. At the end of the week, you can check the pulse of your inner soul and see if there has been a meditation paradigm shift.