lPlease note:  I have decided to make the contents of my book, The Grounding Virtues, available to readers. The complete package is available as a workbook that can be purchased on Amazon)

We now begin to use the powers of belief to create a life that we will truly love to live. We can start by believing just how beautiful and powerful we already are. We are not a haphazard occurrence in a chaotic universe; we are creatures of design reflecting the organization and adherence to the laws of an intricately designed universe. After meditation, while we are still in touch with our Higher Self, we will spend a few minutes each day believing in the power and beauty of our whole selves: body, mind, heart, and soul. This exercise will help us build the self-esteem we need to create the life we would truly love to live. Because self-esteem is a core belief in staying grounded, I suggest we continue this process for the full five weeks. In fact, if we continue this activity for a whole year, we might be surprised at just how many things there are to like about ourselves. At the end of the fifth week, we will look over our list, write a summary, and check to see if there has been a paradigm shift. On week one, we will focus on our amazing bodies.

I suggest the following:

  • On day one, list ten things you like about your body. Try to visualize these natural physical gifts until you really love and appreciate them before you write them down.
  • Post this list in a place you can see it early in the morning and before going to bed at night.
  • Each day, you can read the list slowly and with feeling, truly appreciating each thing about your body.
  • In the days that follow, add one more thing that you love (yes love!) about yourself and keep this as a focal point for the day.


Week 1 – Things I like about my body

Day one

  1. ____________________________________________________________________________
  2. ____________________________________________________________________________
  3. ____________________________________________________________________________
  4. ____________________________________________________________________________
  5. ____________________________________________________________________________
  6. ____________________________________________________________________________
  7. ____________________________________________________________________________
  8. ____________________________________________________________________________
  9. ____________________________________________________________________________
  10. ____________________________________________________________________________

Day two: _____________________________________________________________________

Day three: ___________________________________________________________________

Day four: _____________________________________________________________________

Day five: _____________________________________________________________________

Day six: ______________________________________________________________________

Day seven: ___________________________________________________________________