“To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.”

(Mahatma Gandhi)  

       To reach true self-actualization requires belief. We practice believing in our Higher Self, the beauty of our bodies, the power of our minds, the capacity to love and be loved from our hearts, and the spiritual energy of our souls. As we enter into this conscious state, we begin to feel the presence of our Higher Self interacting with the world around us. We will feel this sense of peace as the dopamine drives shut down and the serotonin flows begin. This will activate the pleasure centers of our brain releasing endorphins, not just in the brain, but in every part of our body.  This will ground all the physical and emotional pains we are experiencing in our minds and bodies and open the door to experiencing complete peace and harmony within ourselves and with all living things. We will feel a sense of euphoria and purpose in that moment that we can expand and explore in each and every day of our lives. 

I Believe

I rejoice in my power to believe.
Through the wisdom of my mind and heart,
I live to design, to create, and to fashion,
A piece of my own reality that is magical.

I create hope from the fragments of despair,
Possessing the wisdom to shape a thought
That can change this dark and dreary place
Into my own sanctuary, my own Shangri-La.

I believe I am sharing the power of creation
With all who weave the magic of believing.
We are changing the reality of this world
Simply and miraculously because we believe.

Together we can create this beautiful us,
Dazzling souls who transcend body and brain,
Where we can feel the breath of all that is,
And reshape our world because we believe.


This whole series is available as “The Grounding Virtues” by Lawrence J. W. Cooper on Amazon)