The Grounding Virtues – Part 2 is part of a series on A Path to Self Actualization

Grounding is a spiritual term defining a process whereby we can become balanced and stable in our physical, emotional, and spiritual states. In this case, spiritual refers to those qualities of our being that go beyond the physical functions of the body and the brain, and the cognitive functions of the mind. This includes the power to love from the heart and to create and gain access to the unlimited resources of the universe through the soul. The use of the word “soul” refers to that part of us that is involved in these spiritual functions. For our purposes, we will go with this simple definition:

Grounding is a spiritual function that helps us create a bridge between our physical (body) and spiritual (soul) parts of our being. It enables us to connect our physical and spiritual strengths and energies. It opens up the door to virtuous living and sets us on a path to self-actualization.

I am reluctant to use the term virtues; however, it is the best word I can find to define those qualities that make us into beings who function beyond the limits of our minds. There is one difference; these virtues are all focused on developing our Higher Self. The giving to others then occurs because of the abundance that we possess through the expansion and growth of our SELF.

 I have identified five virtues that will help us form a foundation for grounding:







This whole series is available as “The Grounding Virtues” by Lawrence J. W. Cooper on Amazon)