“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” (C.G. Jung)

After all these years of striving for self-actualization, I have finally begun to truly understand and live the virtue of self-awareness. This next step in creating the life we want to live is knowing where the mind ends and the Higher Self begins. Awareness is moving from belief in our Higher Self to actually recognizing and sensing the presence of our Higher Self. We become aware that the substance of our physical bodies, the creation of thought from our minds, the love for life from our hearts, and the positive energies from our souls all come together in peace, power, and being. Awareness is being conscious of how our Higher Self is interconnecting with other human beings and other living things. When we follow our positive feelings, our Higher Self will take us to the source of love and life.
The key to self-awareness is to leave the prefrontal cortex out of it: no judgments, no evaluation, no labels to ponder, no decisions to make, no thoughts to think. We slip into the world of our positive feelings. We allow ourselves to feel the sadness and turn it into joy, to feel the shame and anger and turn them into love, first for ourselves and then for others. In our Higher Self, we are beautiful and powerful human beings in complete control of how we perceive reality. We have a vision of how things can be and the power to make thoughts and dreams come to life.
These activities are designed to heighten the awareness of our Higher Self as a perfect blend of body, mind, heart, and soul. In these activities, we will continue to develop our powers of visualization and creative imagination.

The Search for the Real Me

My search continues season by season,
Moment by moment,
To find the ME that is in me,
The ME that exists
Beyond the limits of time and place.

But the answer lies not in the images
Created by my mind.
It lies in my connection to the life energy
Of all living things,
That breathe in life and give it back again.

The purpose of my body is to see and feel it.
The purpose of my heart is to love it.
The purpose of my soul is to witness its existence,
So that I can know that I am truly alive.